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Mira Becker

2022 BLISS Fellow | Psychology; MBB
Mentor: Elizabeth Phelps (PSYC)
The Influence of Hippocampal Suppression on Memory Consolidation
Mira Becker is a rising junior in Dunster House studying Psychology, with a secondary in MBB. She is working with Emma Laurent in the Phelps Lab studying how suppression of the hippocampus,... Read more about Mira Becker
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Antara Bhattacharya

2022 BLISS Fellow
Mentor: Jesse Snedeker (PSYC)
Language Acquisition
Antara is a rising sophomore in Pforzheimer House from Mumbai, India. She is interested in linguistics, computer science and astrophysics (among other... Read more about Antara Bhattacharya
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Adrienne Chan

2022 BLISS Fellow | Sociology; Theater, Dance & Media
Mentor: Michèle Lamont (SOCI & AAAS)
New Engines of Hope after the American Dream - Finding Recognition in the New Gilded Age
Adrienne is a rising sophomore in Pforzheimer House from Cleveland, Ohio. She intends to study both Sociology and Theater, Dance, and Media, hoping to... Read more about Adrienne Chan
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James Chen

2022 BLISS Fellow | Mathematics; Computer Science; Economics
Mentor: Daniel Carpenter (GOVT)
Wall Street and Washington: How Banks Influence Financial Regulation

James Chen is a rising sophomore in Eliot house at Harvard College from New York City. He plans to study mathematics and computer science with a secondary in economics.... Read more about James Chen

Monica Coleman

Director of Administration and Operations

Monica recruits, orients, and develops unit administrative leaders and provides interim management and oversight of all administrative, operational, and staff management activities during administrative leadership transitions. ... Read more about Monica Coleman

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Renneanna Dillen

2022 BLISS Fellow | Neuroscience; Global Health & Health Policy
Mentor: Ellen Langer (PSYC)
Attention to Variability with Epileptic Patients and Increasing Mindfulness
Renneanna is a rising senior in Dunster House concentrating in Neuroscience with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. On campus, Renneanna is a... Read more about Renneanna Dillen
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Anna Farronay

2022 BLISS Fellow | History; Romance Languages & Literature; EMR
Mentor: Katie Giles (Safra Center for Ethics)
Advancing Equity and Family Engagement in K-12 In-school Civic Learning
Anna is a junior concentrating in History and Romance Languages and Literature with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration and Rights. This summer, her research... Read more about Anna Farronay
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Jennifer Gao

2022 BLISS Fellow | Mathematics
Mentor: Kosuke Imai (GOVT & STAT)
Legislative Redistricting in America

Jennifer is a rising Junior in Lowell House studying Mathematics with academic interests in the quantitative social sciences and economics.... Read more about Jennifer Gao

headshot of Mia Hazra

Mia Hazra

2022 BLISS Fellow | Comparative Literature; History
Mentor: Jill Lepore (HIST)
The Amendments: Rewriting the Constitution
Mia is a rising Junior in Cabot House studying Comparative Literature and History, with a secondary in Economics. She is very excited to be working with... Read more about Mia Hazra