Dean's Conversations

A note about the "Dean's Conversations"....

"Social science" incorporates a very broad range of methodologies and fields of inquiry. And when I became Dean of Social Science in 2008, I realized that the whole was less than the sum of its parts. Within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, people with overlapping interests didn't know about each other's work. Furthermore, there are social scientists throughout all of Harvard, in every single school, and many have no idea how their research might bear on research done by colleagues in other schools.

The purpose of the "Dean's Conversations" is to start conversations. Our hope has been that events like these will spark further discussions, interactions that would not otherwise have occurred, both between members of different departments in the FAS and across the schools more broadly.

These events are announced on our website and are open to the public. All are recorded, and the videos are posted here within a few business days. Click on the tabs at left to view videos and detailed information about previous conversations.

~ Stephen M. Kosslyn
Dean of Social Science, Jul 2008 - Dec 2010