Mission and Priorities

Our Mission  is to combine the broad institutional perspective and deep local knowledge our unique position affords to: align resources to the teaching and research goals of our units; promote barrier-free collaboration among social science departments and centers; ensure administrative excellence in support of our academic objectives; and foster innovation and diffusion of best practices in administration and academic affairs. We are dedicated to promoting a culture of transparency, equity, and collegiality, and are guided by the belief that diversity is a foundational strength.

Divisional Priorities

  • (photo of two capped and gowned graduates reaching out to shake hands)

    Promote teaching equity and excellence

  • (carved Veritas inscription)

    Recruit and retain the best early-career scholars

  • (photo of Harvard Yard and Cambridge and Boston in the distance)

    Align social science campus with academic needs

  • (drawing representing inequality)

    Catalyze research and teaching on inequality

  • (photo of a bridge)

    Promote effective partnership between academic and administrative leaders

  • (Photo of someone painting at an easel in Harvard Yard)

    Ensure a healthy and productive workplace culture