Updated 26 April 2022


To innovate and excel in creating and passing on social science knowledge, with the goal of enriching our understanding of human society and relationships and improving people’s lives.


Leveraging our distinctive faculty and other unparalleled assets to engage and powerfully respond to the challenges and opportunities of our times, including social injustice, inequality, threats to democratic institutions, global warming, and more.


We are dedicated to inclusive excellence, which derives from our strong commitment to:

  • academic freedom and the pursuit of truth
  • reliance on reason and evidence as the basis for knowledge and social action
  • diversity in all its forms
  • a culture of trust, transparency, equity, and kindness


  • Recruit the best scholars to Harvard and retain them by ensuring they have the resources and community they need to be productive and thrive.
  • Enable transformative learning experiences for our undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Leverage our research centers, museums, institutes, and archives to enable cutting-edge scholarship and teaching.
  • Promote multi-disciplinary initiatives designed to explore and respond to issues of broad societal import.
  • Diversify our faculty and staff, and ensure an inclusive, respectful, adaptive, and healthy workplace culture that supports all individuals in developing their skills and performing their best work.