Dean's Space

What is Dean’s Space?

Dean’s Space is shared, flexible space located on floors 2-4 in CGIS South that is available to members of the Division of Social Science for use on a short-term basis. The Dean of Social Science assigns space through an application process that prioritizes efficient use of the space for academic activities (teaching and/or research) that benefit from a CGIS location and cannot be accommodated elsewhere. CGIS Dean’s Space is a scarce resource, and, in order to allow for the greatest access to the space for all, space assignments will span from one month to one year. Renewal requests for a second year will be considered, but no further extensions will be granted.


  • Applicants for Dean’s Space should ask only for the amount of space they truly need and for the amount of time that they need it (no more than one year at a time).
  • Space will be assigned to maximize utility; there is no need to request specific rooms.
  • Efficient use of Dean’s Space is utilization of the space at least 20 hours per week for the requested period.
  • Dean’s Space is not available to Harvard faculty except if the faculty member is on sabbatical and will not be using his/her regular faculty office. Faculty applicants to Dean’s Space are expected to use the space for at least 20 hours/week through their sabbatical period. Priority among faculty applicants will go to faculty who are not Cambridge-based, e.g. from Allston or Longwood.
  • All proposed utilizations of the space must be under the direct supervision of a Harvard faculty PI or a center or department within the Social Science Division.
  • Efficient use of the unit’s own controlled space is a precondition for access to Dean’s Space. The applicant must demonstrate that the proposed activity cannot be accommodated within the unit’s existing footprint and that it meets the criteria listed above. Therefore, as part of the application process, we may require an accounting of how the center, program, or department’s current space is used.
  • Ordinarily, Dean’s Space occupants will be charged CGIS space rates; charges will be prorated for the amount of space that is occupied (e.g., one occupant will be charged 1/3 for space in large offices and 1/2 for space in smaller offices).

*By submitting an application for Dean’s Space, you affirm that you have read and commit to following the above guidelines.*
[Please email if you believe you need dean's space.]