Visits under 4 Hours per Week

Updated 11/12/2020 (communicated by email September 21 2020)

Note that departing personnel should complete their move-outs as soon as possible

Request Process

The unit Director of Administration and Operations (DAO) or Center Executive Director (CED) -- or their designee -- should work with the building Occupant to determine an agreeable date/time for the proposed visit. Such visits should be scheduled within the hours of 8AM to 6PM on non-holiday weekdays, and should be scheduled to minimize the number of people in the building/office at any given time.

  1. In most DoSS units, the DAO/CED or their designee (not the individual requesting access) should email requests to Do not copy the building manager, do not copy anyone in the Division office. Please use the format below or your request will be delayed.
    • The following units should use another scheduling process (but all other guidelines apply):
      • Safra Center (124 Mt Auburn): CED/designee should schedule with building manager.
      • History of Science and the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments (Science Center): DAO/CED/designee should schedule via Roombook (consult building management with questions).
      • Anthropology (Tozzer and Peabody): DAO/designee should schedule with building manager (you can use the doss_buildingaccess email address above for Vanserg).
  2. Personnel are not limited to “one time” visits; return visits, within or across weeks, will be permitted, provided that the individual does not exceed a total of 4 hours on campus in any given week
  3. No one is allowed on campus without approval.
  4. Please allow 2 full business days for review of requests, and review ends at 12p Friday, to be resumed the following week.
  5. The Access Administrator (monitoring the email address above) will contact you if rescheduling is necessary due to occupancy limits.
  6. Visits must be scheduled within the 8a to 6p window, Monday through Friday (non-holidays). Exception requests may be considered if urgent circumstances warrant.
  7. Requests will be accepted only from DAOs/CEDs or their designees—building occupants should not submit requests directly, and if they do, they will be routed back to their department administration.
  8. All the general safety requirements, including COVID-19 training (one time), CrimsonClear attestation each day on campus, mask usage, travel guidance, social distancing, etc., outlined at, still apply, and compliance will be monitored. Please make sure that this is communicated to all personnel.

Request Format

DAO/CED/designee should email in this format:

  • Email Subject: REQUEST FOR ACCESS - Building/Room/Date/Start Time/Last Name
  • Email Body Text:
    • Full name of occupant requesting access: Pat Smith
    • Department: ABCExample
    • Building: Harvard Building
    • Room: Rm. 123
    • Date of visit: 12.12.20
    • Start and end time of visit: 1pm-3pm
    • List any flexibility that can be used to expedite the request or explain briefly why there is no flexibility (I.e. HUIT is coming at 1pm)
  • You can choose to CC Re or not (but it is typical not to cc the Requestor).
    • If you include the occupant, please note that if the request requires Divisional Approval/Input, the Access Admin will drop the occupant off the email thread until approval is determined.
  • The Building Manager will be added in the reply by the Access Admin to notify the BM of the visit, and so that any building issues/or access questions from the occupant can be picked up by the BM and be dealt with promptly.