Updated 7/20/2020

Mail distribution and forwarding needs vary by unit and by building. Whereas centers may have funds to pay to forward bulk mail through HUMS (one large batch sent to designated recipient; small batches sent to individual addressees), most departments do not. Whereas some buildings continue to have mail held at the Allston HUMS facility, others have distributed mail to mailboxes, offices, and/or are holding mail in mailrooms. Whereas some buildings employ mailroom clerks who can sort and distribute mail, others do not have dedicated mailroom staff. Due to these differences, a standardized approach will be difficult to implement across a division or the FAS as a whole. However, below we outline some general guidance:

  1. A staff member (department staff, mailroom clerk, or building manager) will sort the current backlog of mail, distributing as appropriate per unit needs (e.g, distribute to individual faculty, staff, or visitor offices or mailboxes, or store in bags and/or bins in building mailrooms).
    • If staff person sorting the backlog is not essential personnel already approved to be on campus, this visit should be logged as a one-time visit
    • Unit personnel who wish to make one visit to retrieve their personal mail backlog can be permitted to do so, following the same one-time visit policy (they should take that opportunity to retrieve any other items they believe they will need to work at home for the next few months).
  2. All future mail deliveries will be distributed to individual mailboxes. If there is overflow, mail will be held in local mailrooms or managed by individual units.
    • If no mailroom staff is available to do this sorting, and it must be done by a unit staff member, a regular visit plan should be outlined according to the Office Use/Admin Visit policy. 
    • Individual faculty and staff can be permitted to retrieve their own mail on a once-a-month basis, provided these visits are included in the schedule of the unit's Office Use/Admin Visit plan.
    • These visits, both for sorting and pickup, should be scheduled so as to avoid overlap and to avoid exceeding occupancy limits.
  3. Faculty who wish to receive mail but do not wish to retrieve it from the building may provide costing for weekly or monthly forwarding of mail via HUMS/USPS.