Research Resources

Library Resource Guide Curated by Harvard Librarians for HSURV 2022! Includes links to data sources and perks/freebies, ways to contact librarians for one-to-one support, and other interesting stuff!

URAF Guide to Working with Faculty: Excellent tips!

Reference/Citation Management

  • Harvard Library Zotero Guide Zotero is a free research management software program that enables you to collect, organize, annotate, cite, and share references and create bibliographies. It’s especially aimed at social science and humanities researchers who might be citing nontraditional online sources. EndNote is another reference management option (but it’s not free once you leave Harvard).

Coding/Data Analysis Tutorials

Harvard Research Centers (good sources for student funding, cultural activities, summer internships abroad, etc.)

Data Sources

Project Management/Note-taking

  • Asana (project management)
  • GitHub (project management for software developers; SEAS has a license)
  • Evernote (note-taking, web clipping)
  • OneNote (part of the MS Office suite, also good for note-taking and integrating photos, etc.; the web clipper is *not* as good as Evernote’s, though, nor is the tagging/labeling, but the page layout is better!)