2019 Fellows

collage of headshots of BLISS Fellows in column 1

Fay Asimakopoulos '20 | Economics
(Melissa Dell, FAS ECON)

Fay is a rising senior concentrating in Economics and working with Melissa Dell this summer.

Nicholas Lore-Edwards '21 | Economics
(Melissa Dell, FAS ECON)

Nick headshotNick is a rising Junior in Mather House, studying Economics and Computer Science. This summer he will be conducting economics research on the impact of media coverage of the Vietnam War on Americans' trust in government institutions. During the school year, Nick is a Unit Review Tutor for Ec 10, a Case Team Leader for HCCG, a director for HNMUN and HNMUN-LA, and Co-Pub Chair of Mather HoCo. He's looking forward to working with Melissa Dell this summer!

Moshe Poliak '22 | Psychology
(Mahzarin Banaji, FAS PSYC)

Moshe headshotMoshe is a rising sophomore in Adams house, working this summer in the Implicit Social Cognition Lab under the guidance of Mahzarin Banaji. His current academic interests are cognitive approaches to social psychology. He is also interested in linguistics and is fluent in English, Russian, and Hebrew, with good knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic. Other interests include cinema, classical singing, and crochet.

Cara Kupferman '20 | Government
(Jennifer Hochschild, FAS GOVT & AAAS)

Cara headshotCara is a rising senior in Kirkland House studying Government. She's excited about dipping her toes into the waters of academia this summer as a BLISS fellow working with Jennifer Hochschild on her project about policy debates within racial groups along class lines. Speaking of dipping her toes, she loves to spend her free time on the beach whenever possible and looks forward to enjoying some reading for pleasure, exploring Boston, and working on her senior thesis this summer. During the school year, Cara is involved in Harvard Hillel, the Harvard College Democrats, the Harvard College Opera, the Coalition at Harvard for Israel and Palestine, and the Radcliffe Choral Society.

Zachary Steigerwald Schnall '21 | Sociology
(Nicole Noll, FAS SWGS & PSYC)

Zack headshotZack is a rising junior in Pforzheimer, which is about as close to his hometown of Lexington as it is to the rest of Harvard. Studying Sociology and Government, he is excited to learn about the science in social science this summer while researching psychological understandings of gender with Nicole Noll. On campus, he is a member of the Harvard Debate Council and the National Campaign at the Institute of Politics, and writes poetry and/or law review articles when he gets excited about an issue.

Paulina Piwowarczyk '21 | Neurosci. & Ling.
(Jesse Snedeker, FAS PSYC)

Paulina headshotPaulina is a rising junior in Eliot House studying Neuroscience and Linguistics. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she is particularly interested in language acquisition and bilingualism, and she plans on attending medical school. She is excited to continue working with Anthony Yacovone in the Snedeker Lab. Outside of classes, Paulina spends her time working at the Harvard Box Office, volunteering with Y2Y, and watching cheesy romcoms.

Benazir Neree-Thompson '21 | Ling. & Psych.
(Jesse Snedeker, FAS PSYC)

Benazir headshotBenazir is a rising sophomore in Quincy House from De Pere, Wisconsin. She is concentrating in Linguistics with a related field in Psychology, and a secondary in Integrative Biology. This summer, she is excited to be working in the Snedeker Lab, where she will study language acquisition and development. When she's not at school, she loves to travel, as well as read, paint, and listen to music.

Gabrielle Langkilde '21 | SWGS & Statistics
(Paige Sweet & Anthony Johnson, FAS SocSci)

Gaby headshotGabrielle is a rising junior in Eliot House, from the beautiful islands of American Samoa in the South Pacific. She is currently pursuing a joint concentration in WGS and Statistics, and is extremely excited to be working with Paige Sweet and Anthony Johnson this summer – studying inequality as it relates to gender and health politics and the experiences of engineering students at elite colleges and universities. Outside of her studies, Gabrielle enjoys writing for the Harvard Crimson editorial board and will be interning at the Harvard College Women’s Center next school year. She also loves the beach, listening to music (literally any type except rock), and recreational sports (especially softball and basketball!).

collage of BLISS Fellow headshots

Fernanda Baron '20 | Sociology
(Jocelyn Viterna, FAS SOCI)

Fernanda headshotFernanda is a rising senior in Currier, concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in History of Art and Architecture. She is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, although she has lived in Texas and New York. Her research interests lie in the social disparities experienced by trans youth, and she is currently working on her thesis, which examines the contemporary politicization of sexual pleasure. On campus, she works as a research assistant in the sociology department, hosts a radio show on WHRB 95.3FM Saturday nights, and teaches 4th graders government as part of the Harvard CIVICS program. After graduation, she hopes work with LBGTQIA+ youth in Brazil and eventually pursue a J.D. Fernanda loves riding her bicycle to the MFA, napping outside on the Quad lawn, and spending way too much money to develop her film. She is excited to be working this summer with Jocelyn Viterna on women’s reproductive rights and gender discrimination in El Salvador.

Akosua Adubofour '21 | History & Science
(Jocelyn Viterna, FAS SOCI)

Akosua headshotAkosua is a rising junior at Harvard College, concentrating in History and Science with a focus on Medicine and Society, and with a secondary in Sociology. This summer she will be working with Jocelyn Viterna. Originally from Ghana, Akosua currently lives in Philadelphia with her parents and brother. She is interested in women’s reproductive and sexual health, and this summer she looks forward to exploring how they are affected by policy decisions. In her free time, you will find her binge-watching Netflix and reality TV.

Eric Wilson '21 | Psychology
(Bethany Burum, FAS PSYC)

Eric headshotEric is a rising junior in Adams House, concentrating in Psychology with a potential secondary in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. This summer Eric is excited to be working with Bethany Burum to study how hidden incentives can explain moral quirks rooted in evolutionary game theory. Eric is from Minnesota and is a member of the Harvard Football Team. In his free time, he enjoys giving tours of Harvard, playing his saxophone, and singing in the shower.

Chihiro Ishikawa '21 | Sociology
(Caroline Light, FAS SWGS)

Chihiro headshotChihiro is a rising junior in Kirkland House from Tokyo, concentrating in Sociology with a focus on gender studies. She is incredibly excited to be working with Caroline Light this summer on a gender-related project regarding the incarceration of women in the context of self-defense involving gun violence. Outside of class, Chihiro loves writing, running (not marathons, just sprints), playing with kids, exploring new towns, and going to museums, art shows, and movie theaters (really loves Ghibli and old Italian films). She is part of the Harvard Japan Society and Harvard GlobalWE, a women empowerment group she founded with others during her sophomore year.

Julia Shea '20 | Psychology
(D. Gilbert/ A. Mastroianni, FAS PSYC)

Julia headshotMy name is Julia Shea, and I am a rising senior in Winthrop House studying Psychology with a secondary in Molecular and Cellular Biology. This summer, I am working in the Gilbert Lab. Although the Gilbert Lab focuses on social psychology, I'm interested in many things related to psychology and neuroscience: everything from the early days of psychoanalysis to modern day studies using genetics to better understand personality and disorders. I hope one day to be a psychiatrist doing research on the intersection of psychiatry and genetics.

Lorae Stojanovic '22 | Appl. Math & Econ
(Horacio Larreguy, FAS GOVT)

Lorae headshotLorae Stojanovic is a rising sophomore in Pforzheimer house concentrating in Applied Math and Economics. She is working with Horacio Larreguy on his research in political brokerage in Sub-Saharan African elections. Aside from BLISS, Lorae does economics research at the Harvard Kennedy School, food science research with a Cambridge-based chef, and is a Case Team Leader in CBE. She is an avid runner, cook, and cyclist, and enjoys listening to and playing classical piano. She is excited to learn more about quantitative social science research while enjoying the greater Boston area this summer.

Amanda Yang '22 | Psychology
(Daniel Schacter, FAS PSYC)

Amanda headshotAmanda is a rising sophomore in Quincy House, originally from the greater Philadelphia area. She hopes to concentrate in Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology. Amanda is excited to be working in Daniel Schacter’s lab this summer, exploring the role of episodic memory in imagining the future. Outside of class, Amanda volunteers at a local nursing home through PBHA’s HARTZ, plays tennis, and dances in Asian American Dance Troupe.

Yuri-Grace Ohashi '21 | Psychology
(Julia Minson/Alki Iliopoulou/Gabe Mansur, HKS Decision Science Lab)

YuriGrace headshotYuri-Grace is a rising junior concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Classical Civilizations. Originally from Peachtree City, Georgia, she lives in Cabot House and has interests in abnormal and social psychology. Yuri-Grace works as a research assistant with Nock Labs during the academic and has recently joined the Ignite Mental Health team. This summer she will be working in the Harvard Decision Science Lab. Aside from psychology, she is also heavily involved with arts on campus, serving as the Harvard Dance Center intern, director and choreographer of Expressions Dance Company, scene director and model of Eleganza Show, and editor-in-chief of Persephone. She love to cook, travel, write, and design in her "free time" and looks forward to adventuring during her first summer in Boston.