2016 Fellows

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Charlotte Anrig

Working with Matthew Nock, Professor of Psychology (FAS)

Photo of Charlotte AnrigCharlotte is a rising junior in Leverett house who lives in Connecticut with her family and her extremely adorable dog. Academically, her interests lie in human communication, mental health, and the relationship between thought and language; she formally concentrates in English with a secondary in Psychology, though she wishes that she could concentrate in about eight other disciplines as well. When not reading or napping, she can be found cooking breakfast foods, painting, and riding her horse Turtle in jumper divisions around the country.

Anthony Chen

Working with Ryan Enos, Associate Professor of Government (FAS)

photo of Anthony Chen

Anthony is a rising junior in Cabot House studying Statistics with a secondary in Psychology. He was born in Dallas, raised in Chicago, and is presently living in Princeton, NJ. Having never made up his mind between numbers and letters, Anthony continues a wide range of academic pursuits, in particular applying statistics to answer real world questions in government and psychology. Outside of school, Anthony is an amateur chef (scrambled eggs are his speciality), professional Netflixer (kung fu movies and documentaries), and wannabe GoPro hero.

Irene Limb

Working with Fiery Cushman, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Justin Martin, graduate student in Psychology (FAS)

photo of Irene LimbIrene is a rising junior in Lowell House studying psychology. Her interest in the social sciences stems from her desire to understand people and to make sense of the world, but whenever she realizes that a question she has posed has no easy answer, she resorts to binge-solving NYT crossword puzzles and baking scones with an alarmingly high butter to flour ratio.

Krysianna Papadakis

Working with Graham Allison, Douglas Dillon Professor of Government (HKS) and Director of Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

photo of Krysianna PapadakisKrysianna is a rising senior in Eliot House concentrating in Social Studies with a focus on the history of political thought. Originally from Athens, Greece, she enjoys going to the beach, coffee, and nice views. She is also interested in history, learning languages, and intends to complete a secondary in mathematics. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and reading bad historical fiction.

Hansenard Piou

Working with Maciej Kotowski, Associate Professor of Public Policy (HKS)

Photo of Hansy PiouHansy is a rising junior at Harvard College, concentrating in Applied Mathematics and pursuing a secondary in Government. If he isn't switching between working hard and hardly working, you can find him drawing, lifting, or debating topics from video games to political philosophy to which is the best burrito joint in the Square.

Sebastian Reyes

Working with Danielle Allen, Professor of Government (FAS and GSE) and Director of Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics

Photo of Sebastian ReyesSebastian is a rising sophomore in Adams House originally from Orange County, CA, a place that he will always love (and, in many ways, love to hate). Passionate about the politics and culture of the post-Soviet states (as well as those of the Middle East and East Asia) and current affairs more generally, he is hopelessly torn between a joint concentration of Government and Slavic Languages and Literatures and a concentration in Social Studies. His previous experience working at an the Interdisciplinary Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality at the University of California, Irvine, has led him to the Safra Center, where he will be carrying out his research as a member of BLISS this summer. When not studying (or at least trying his best), Sebastian writes obsessively for the Harvard Political Review, teaches civics classes at schools throughout Boston, and does polling work with the Harvard Public Opinion Project. His pastimes include discovering new music (often through record-hunting), obsessively reading the New Yorker and the Washington Post, photographing his friends, and eating non-HUDS food.

Mara Roth

Working with Jennifer Hochschild, Henry LaBarre Jayne Professor of Government and Professor of African and African American Studies (FAS)

Photo of Mara RothMara is a rising sophomore from Wellesley, Mass. She will be in Leverett House next year and plans to declare a concentration in Social Studies this coming fall. While Mara is mainly interested in sociology and history, she also plans to continue exploring classes in other disciplines —such as music and life sciences. In her free time she likes to run (preferably along the Charles ending at Toscanini’s —an ice cream shop next to MIT!) and is making plans to train for a half marathon with her sister this November. She also enjoys playing the oboe and making oboe reeds, and is a member of the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra. Apart from running and playing oboe, Mara is an avid skier and taught ski school throughout high school. She has continued to enjoy working with kids by volunteering with PBHA’s Cambridge After School Program. Mara is looking forward to spending the summer in Cambridge and working as a research assistant for Jennifer Hochschild.

Chace Shaw

Working with Fiery Cushman, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Justin Martin, graduate student in Psychology (FAS)

photo of Chace ShawChace is a rising senior and psychology concentrator living in Mather House. Born and raised in sunny California, Chace survives the cold winter months by curling up in his bed and watching old reruns of Star Trek: Next Generation. His hobbies include playing guitar, traveling, and reading. Chace is excited to be working as a research assistant with Fiery Cushman and Justin Martin.

BLISS Fellows 2016 image collage (2 of 2)

Quinn Sluzenski

Working with Jennifer Lerner, Professor of Public Policy and Management, and Charles Dorison, graduate student (HKS)

photo of Quinn SluzenskiQuinn is a rising junior in Dunster House concentrating in Sociology. She lives in Charlotte, Maine, a town which is wonderful when she wants to be alone in the beautiful woods, and less wonderful when she wants to order delivery and then remembers that no one delivers to the middle of nowhere. Quinn spends most of her time being unironically enthusiastic about various topics, whether they be feminism, musicals, podcasts, or the Dunster grille. She loves social science and is excited to be a part of BLISS this summer.

William Strang

Working with John Donahue, Raymond Vernon Senior Lecturer in Public Policy (HKS)

photo of William StrangWill is a rising sophomore in Leverett House, originally from New Jersey but currently residing in Malta. He is currently leaning towards concentrating in History or some form of social science, and is interested in a wide variety of academic topics, especially those relating to economics and international relations. At Harvard, he enjoys participating in Model UN events and coaching at an after-school sports program. Outside of school, he loves playing pickup basketball, watching The Office, and just hanging out with friends.

Harrison Tanzola

Working with Daniel Schacter, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Psychology (FAS)

photo of Harrison TanzolaHarry is a rising sophomore from Sparta, New Jersey. He lives in Quincy House and plans to declare a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience. Enjoys sports of all kinds but football, basketball, and rugby are ones he follows especially closely. This year he joined the Harvard Rugby Football Club and entered into a statistics partnership with the Boston Celtics, both of which he enjoyed immensely. Theater is a passion of his, having participated in numerous plays and musicals. Disney World is his favorite place on earth, and if you listen closely you can hear what is often mistaken for a dying cat but is actually him softly singing “I Can Go the Distance”.

Susan Wang

Working with Danielle Allen, Professor of Government (FAS and GSE) and Director of Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics

Photo of Susan WangSusan is a rising senior in Mather House concentrating in Social Studies originally from Lexington, MA. She is interested in politics and governmental ethics, and is excited to be working with Professor Danielle Allen and the Safra Center this summer. She is equal parts excited and nervous for the 2016 election. In her spare time she enjoys late night jogs followed by late night pizza.

Liana Yamin

Working with Felix Warneken, John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences (FAS)

photo of Liana Yamin Liana is a rising senior in Adams House studying Human Evolutionary Biology. Hailing from Allendale NJ, she is excited to further explore the overlap between evolutionary biology and cognitive development in the Warneken Lab this summer. Outside of her studies, Liana enjoys poetry, hiking, and terrible reality television.

Eun Jin ("Gloria") Yu

Working with Jennifer Lerner, Professor of Public Policy and Management, and Joowon Kim, Research Assistant (HKS)

photo of Gloria YuGloria is a rising second-semester junior in Leverett House, newly concentrating in History of Science. After taking a semester and the summer off to work on some health issues and ponder for hours at a time about life, love, and all things one thinks about with too much free time on her hands, she has been appropriately led to Professor Jennifer Lerner's lab to study health decision making. She tends to be a passionate person without distinctly identifiable passions, hence, she is not too sure what she really enjoys off the top of her head. Vaguely, she enjoys all kinds of music, especially slightly melancholic ones, slightly cheesy indie films, different shades of sunlight and listening to people's random musings about the world. After a summer spent in the odd bubble of home, she's excited to be in Boston this summer and to delve into some productive research. 

Anna Zannetos

Working with Todd Rogers, Associate Professor of Public Policy (HKS)

Photo of Anna ZannetosAnna is a rising junior concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in Psychology. She lives in Adams House and is originally from Wellesley, MA. She is obsessed with everything elementary education - she has been known to stay up until 3 A.M. watching teacher videos on YouTube and scouring Pinterest for creative lesson plans. She is obviously thrilled to learn more about education policy and research by working with Professor Todd Rogers in the Student Social Support R&D Lab this summer! Besides education, she loves French Bulldogs (even though she's allergic to them), to-do lists, and Felipe's.