2013 Calendar

Summer 2013 BLISS Schedule of Events
(June 10 - August 15)

Schedule subject to change! (Please pay attention to weekly emails.)

Critical (mandatory) weekly events — mostly academic — are noted here. The H-SURV calendar maintained by the program assistants lists all the social activities as well as all the PRISE academic activities (that are mandatory for PRISE, and mostly optional for the rest of H-SURV).

Highly recommended "optional" academic activities (H-SURV calendar)
• June 24: iLab Dinner and Presentation at HBS. (Very interesting and inspiring; no dinner if you don't attend!)
• June 26: GSAS Fair and Research Village BBQ.
• July 11: Scott Kominers (PRISE speaker)
• July 18: Dan Lieberman (PRISE speaker)
• July 29: Professional Development: The Art of Public Speaking for Researchers (Greg Llacer)
• Aug 8: Shah Khoshbin (PRISE speaker)

To attend PRIMO events, contact Marais Young (1 617 495 6681). To attend SHARP events, contact Jeffrey Berg (1 617 495 5050).

Mo, May 6 P/B/P/S Study Break
Tu, May 7 BLISS & PRIMO Intro Mtg

June 6 - 9

Move in
*Fr*, Jun 7Inaugural Dinner for all summer research programs

*Mo*, June 10

BLISS & PRIMO Welcome Lunch at HB S(Fellows required; Mentors invited)
Tu, June 11Dinner/Orientation/Tour @ Peabody Museum (Fellows required)

*Mo*, June 17

Research Integrity Training (Fellows required)
Tu, June 18(evening) Dinner/distinguished speaker Todd Rogers (Fellows required)
*Th*, June 20(evening) BLISS/PRISE distinguished speaker Xiao-Li Meng (Fellows required)

Tu, June 25

(evening) Dinner/distinguished speaker Latanya Sweeney (Fellows required)
Mo, July 1(evening) Dinner/distinguished speaker James Cartreine (Fellows required)
Tu, July 2NO BLISS Dinner (you may use the private dining room, however)
(Th, July 4HOLIDAY! NO dining services; admin offices closed)

Tu, Jul 9

(evening) Dinner/distinguished speaker Gareth Cook (Fellows required)
Read these prior to dinner: Doubting Darwin's Doubt | Brain Games Are Bogus | The Nocebo Effect

Tu, Jul 16

(evening) Dinner/distinguished speaker Jonathan Zittrain (Fellows required)
*We*, Jul 17(*9 AM - 1 PM*) Tour of Decision Science Laboratory, presentations by affiliates, and Prof. Dustin Tingley workshop on effective research. Lunch will be included! (Fellows required)

Tu, Jul 23

(evening) Dinner/distinguished speaker Bruce Western (Fellows required)
*Th*, Jul 25(*11:30 AM - 2:00 PM*) Giza 3D virtual tour w/ Peter Der Manuelian (Fellows required)

Tu, Jul 30

NO BLISS Dinner (eat with other H-SURV programs in main dining hall, or join PRIMO if you RSVP'd to Marais.)

*Mo*, Aug 5

(evening) Presentation Practicum (Fellows required)
Tu, Aug 6(evening) Dinner/distinguished speaker Matthew Nock (Fellows required)
*Fr*, Aug 9(*9:00 AM - 1:00 PM*) Presentations! (Fellows required, even those who are not speaking this day; Mentors invited)

Tu, Aug 13

(evening) "Thank you" Dinner (invite your PI/lab members)
*We*, Aug 14(*9:00 AM - 1:00 PM*) Presentations! (Fellows required, even those who are not speaking this day; Mentors invited)
*Th*, Aug 15(evening) Closing Dinner for all summer fellows (attendance strongly encouraged!)
Aug 16 - 17Move out