2012 Fellows

Margaret Barrow ('13: Psychology), working with Susan Carey (FAS Psychology)

Meg is a rising senior in Dunster House, concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Spanish. This summer she will be working in Professor Susan Carey's lab on her senior thesis studying how children develop the ability to see things from another person's perspective. Meg is from North Carolina and loves all things southern - especially pearls, monograms and sweet tea. Meg loves to travel and has studied abroad in Spain and Peru, but is really excited to spend the summer in Cambridge and have the chance to explore the area!

Salena Cui ('15: Economics, Psychology), working with Mahzarin Banaji (FAS Psychology) and Yuval Feldman (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

Salena is a rising sophomore, thrilled to be spending the next 3 years in Mather House! Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Salena loves skiing, eating Beavertails (not what you may think!), and talking about the weather in Celsius. During the 10 weeks of BLISS, she will be exploring implicit corruption and the rule of law with Professors Mahzarin Banaji and Yuval Feldman. Salena absolutely loved her first year in Cambridge and Boston and is very excited to be spending the summer on campus with her fellow BLISS Fellows!

Medha-Kameswari Gargeya ('14: Government), working with Jennifer Hochschild (FAS AAAS, Government)

Medha is a rising junior in Adams House, studying Government with a secondary in Mind, Brain, and Behavior and a citation in Sanskrit. She is thrilled to work with Professor Jennifer Hochschild this summer on genomics, law, and race. Medha enjoys running, traveling, baking, and puntificating.

Nazc-a-ru Gonzalez ('14: Social Studies), working with John Weisz (HMS, FAS Psychology)

Aru is a rising junior in Pfoho, concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Psychology. He enjoys modern dance and running. He is interested in developmental psychopathology. He is of Mexican and Lebanese descent, but his name is Native American.

Véronique Irwin ('13: Sociology), working with Stephanie Jones (GSE Prevention Science and Practice)

Véronique is a rising senior in Mather house, studying Sociology with a secondary in French. She is from Buffalo, NY, and a member of the varsity lightweight crew team. Her major academic interests are inequalities in the American education system so she is very excited to be working with Professor Jones this summer at the GSE. She is looking forward to the summer in Cambridge.

Jillian Jordan ('13: Psychology), working with Felix Warneken (FAS Psychology)

Jillian is a rising senior in Lowell house, studying Psychology with a secondary field in Human Evolutionary Biology. This summer, she is working with Professor Felix Warneken on her senior thesis. She is studying the development of third-party punishment of cooperative norm violations in young children. Jillian loves Walden pond, cooking, and exploring new restaurants, and is looking forward to a great summer with the BLISS fellows!

Cote Laramie ('14: Psychology), working with Mark Edington (Decision Science Lab at HKS)

Cote is a rising junior in Pforzheimer house. He's from New Hampshire, so it might be a surprise to hear that Cote has never skied. He does enjoy camping, hiking, and road biking though, and he hopes to get around to these on weekends this summer. His other pursuits include singing, playing guitar, reading/writing/reciting poetry, and conducting psychology research. As a BLISS fellow, he's working in the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory (HDSL) at the Kennedy School. Because the HDSL is open for use by all members of the university, there's just no telling yet what work he'll be doing. Nonetheless, he stands happy for whatever the future holds.

Brendan Maione-Downing ('13: History), working with Michael McCormick (FAS History)

Brendan is a rising senior in Kirkland house (it is so fine), concentrating in history with a secondary field in archaeology. He is indulging his passion for computers by working with professor Michael McCormick on the Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (DARMC) and studying how advances in digital cartography can inform our understanding of the past. A lifelong native of the Boston area, his somewhat eclectic interests include rock climbing, guitar, ultimate frisbee and, of course, the Red Sox.

Anja Nilsson ('15: Social Studies), working with Stephen Kosack (HKS Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation)

Anja is a rising sophomore residing in Currier House for the next three years. This summer she is excited to be coding Mass Movements around the world for Professor Stephen Kosack at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. When she isn't exploring Harvard University Libraries for research material, Anja is writing for the Editorial Board of The Crimson, planning events for Harvard University Women in Business (HUWIB), eating breakfast at Zinnekens and watching Television.

Radhika Rastogi ('15: History of Science), working with Jason Mitchell (FAS Psychology)

Radhika is a rising sophomore, excited to be in Adams House. She hopes to concentrate in History and Science. She can't wait to work with Professor Jason Mitchell, studying social cognition through behavioral and neuroimaging techniques. Radhika also enjoys reading, baking, dancing, and walking along the river and is looking forward to a great summer with everyone!

Brianna Rennix ('13: History), working with Todd Rogers (HKS Center for Public Leadership)

Brianna is a rising senior in Adams House, studying History with a secondary field in Celtic Languages and Literatures. A volunteer ESL instructor and the youngest member of a big family of teachers, Brianna is exploring her interest in educational research this summer with Professor Todd Rogers. She enjoys creative writing, watching television, and eating other people's cooking.

Zachary Sogolow ('15: Psychology), working with Felix Warneken (FAS Psychology)

Zach is a rising sophomore, excited to be entering Kirkland House, and he has discovered since arriving at Harvard that he loves studying psychology as much as he enjoys cheering on his beloved Boston sports teams. He is very grateful for the opportunity to assist with the developmental psych research Professor Felix Warneken is conducting this summer involving cultural influences on children's perceptions of fairness. Other than psychology his interests include playing and coaching basketball, working in youth and special needs programs, and meeting new and interesting people!

Aleksandra (Ola) Topczewska ('15: Government, Sociology), working with Ryan Enos and Dustin Tingley (FAS Government)

Ola is a rising sophomore going into Winthrop House. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Ola has grown up in Nashville and Chicago. She will be assisting Professor Enos on a project that examines how exposure to the presence of individuals from a different racial group can affect the way people think about politics and policy. Her work with Professor Tingley will center around experiments at the Harvard Decision Science lab. Ola writes for the Arts Board of the Harvard Crimson and enjoys listening to NPR, exploring the neighborhoods of Boston, learning about current events, taking photos, drawing, painting, and all things crafty.

Xue Ying (Linda) Zhang ('15: History of Science), working with Nicole Newendorp (FAS Social Studies)

Linda is a rising sophomore, pumped to be living in Winthrop the next 3 years. She hails from Toronto, Canada, although she's surprisingly not a big fan of the cold weather (except for snow days!), and has all but given up on Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion. A West Coast girl at heart, she actually loves the beach and longs to see palm trees again from the last time she visited California. She is also a big fan of jogging by the river, trying different yoga classes, and catching up on current events in both the real world and the celebrity world. This summer, Linda will be learning how to do field research via participant observation, aka immersing oneself in the interviewee's everyday life to transcend from interviewer into witness. Best of all, she'll be doing this all in Mandarin, while building on the ongoing ethnographic research on the immigration of Chinese seniors into Boston—a growing demographic that could become a force in shaping future policies.