2021 Fellows

Maya Bharara '23 | Social Studies
(Jennifer Hochschild, GOVT & AAAS)

Maya is a rising junior in Kirkland House studying Social Studies. This summer, she is excited to be working with Professor Jennifer Hochschild on understanding both how experiences related to Covid-19 influenced Republican voters’ support of Donald Trump and how race, class, policing, and housing intersect in American cities. On campus, Maya plays viola with the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra and the Harvard Pops Orchestra and serves as Director of Collaborations for the Harvard Votes Challenge

Luca D'Amico-Wong '24 | Applied Math & Econ
(Melissa Dell, ECON)

Luca is a rising sophomore planning to concentrate in Applied Math/Economics with aspirations of one day getting a PhD in economics. He is excited to work with Melissa Dell this summer on applying deep learning methods to analyze historical databases and understanding the effects of media reporting on public trust in government and institutions during the Vietnam War. He is a huge Roger Federer fan, a secret CIA (Chinese-Italian-American) agent, and loves to read and grab desserts with his friends.

Julia Grullon '24 | Psychology
(Sam Gershman, PSYC)

Julia is a rising sophomore in Adams house from the San Francisco Bay Area. She plans to concentrate in Psychology with a possible secondary in Educational Studies. This summer, Julia is very excited to be working with Natalia Vélez in Professor Gershman’s Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab to research why children often try to do things that are beyond their capabilities. On campus, Julia is involved in Asian Student Arts Project and Harvard Climbing Club. She also enjoys theater, soccer, listening to music and podcasts, and origami!

Esteban Gutierrez-Alvarez '23 | Govt & Classics
(Danielle Allen & Michael Blauw, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics)

Esteban is a rising junior in Cabot House studying Government and the Classics with a Secondary in History. He is interested in the history of political thought, democratic theory, cosmopolitan justice, jurisprudence, and the reception of the Classics. This summer, Esteban is excited to be working with Danielle Allen and the Democratic Knowledge Project Team to research and improve civic education in Massachusetts. On-campus, you will find him with the Harvard Glee Club, Cabot Theatre, Voters Choose, the IOP, and at the Safra Center.

Rachel Harris '24 | History
(Jill Lepore, HIST)

Rachel is a rising sophomore in Dunster House planning to study History. She is excited to work with Professor Lepore this summer on tracking efforts to amend the US Constitution. On campus, she is involved with the Harvard International Review, the Harvard Undergraduate Law Review, and the Harvard University Foreign Policy Initiative.

Shai Hirschl '23 | Economics
(Daniel Carpenter, GOVT)

Shai Hirschl is a rising junior living in much-maligned Kirkland House studying Economics (or Applied Math-Economics, with shifting opinions each month) with an intended secondary in Government. He is interested in how political and economic systems interact; as such, he is very excited to be working with Prof. Dan Carpenter this summer examining how financial institutions influence the federal rulemaking process. On campus, he is involved with Harvard Consulting on Business and the Environment and the Economics Review. He also enjoys swimming, reading, following the NBA, and, believe it or not, spotting planes from various lookouts around Boston.

Taehwan Kim '22 | Social Studies
(Adaner Usmani, SOCI & SOST)

Taehwan is an off-cycle junior in Adams House from Chicago, Illinois. This summer, he will be working with Adaner Usmani to investigate the injustices of the American mass incarceration system through a historical lens. As a Social Studies concentrator passionate in social and political theory, he is excited to contribute to the study of justice in America. On campus, he has been involved in the Harvard Korean Association. In his free time, Taehwan loves to jam on his guitar, watch old movies, and play basketball with his friends.

Gabrielle Landry '22 | Philosophy & Educ Std
(Danielle Allen & Michael Blauw, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics)

Gabby Landry is a rising Junior (originally Class of 2022) in Quincy House concentrating in Philosophy with a secondary in Educational Studies. Her interests include literature, educational philosophy and psychology, and philosophy of meaning. She looks forward to working with Danielle Allen and Michael Blauw on projects at the intersection of philosophy and education this summer. In her free time, Gabby enjoys reading, being active, cooking, and hanging out with friends and family.

Sofia Montinola '23 | Psychology
(Fiery Cushman & Adam Morris, PSYC)

Sofia is a rising junior in Quincy House who currently lives at home in the Philippines. She is concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology and hopes to use her degree to help foster mental health in the Philippines and elsewhere. This summer, she is excited to work with Adam Morris and the Cushman Lab to determine how people might improve their introspection through mindfulness and other techniques. Outside of school, Sofia enjoys running, painting, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family.

Xavier Morales Zayas '23 | Applied Math & Econ
(Daniel Carpenter, GOVT)

Xavier is a rising sophomore in Leverett House from Puerto Rico. He intends on concentrating in Applied Mathematics specializing in Economics, with a secondary in Philosophy. This summer, Xavier will be working with Professor Dan Carpenter to study the influence of banks over the rulemaking process at federal agencies, as well as the importance of legal specialization in that process. On campus, he is actively involved with Voters Choose, Harvard MUN, and the John Adams Society. In his free time, he loves playing chess, watching sci-fi, and spending hours on the piano.

Rachel Reynolds '22 | Psychology & History
(John Weisz & Katherine Venturo-Conerly & Olivia Fitzpatrick, PSYC)

Rachel is a rising senior concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in History, and a proud resident of Lowell House. This summer, she is excited to be working in the Lab for Youth Mental Health under Professor Weisz, where she’ll be conducting research on decision-making in youth psychotherapy. During the school year, Rachel serves as Co-Chair of Lowell's House Committee, Co-Chair of the Harvard Crimson's Flyby Blog, and a counselor for Camp Kesem and PBHA’s Mission Hill After School Program. Originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, she loves spending time outside (specifically when the weather is warm), trying out as many random crafts as she can, and watching lots of Hallmark movies.

Fawwaz Shoukfeh '24 | History & Govt
(Jill Lepore, HIST)

Fawwaz is a rising sophomore in Lowell House planning to study history and government. Outside of the classroom, he writes for the Harvard Political Review, researches with the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative, volunteers with the Small Claims Advisory Service, and is involved with the Institute of Politics. He is incredibly excited to be working with Professor Lepore and research attempts to amend the Constitution over the course of American history. In his free time, he enjoys biking, playing basketball, and eating gelato with friends.

Samuel Thau '22 | Applied Math & Govt
(Kosuke Imai, GOVT & STAT)

Sam is a rising senior in Mather house, concentrating in applied math in economics with a secondary in government. He is extremely excited to be working with Kosuke Imai this summer to study legislative redistricting, focusing on partisan and racial gerrymandering. In terms of other academic focuses, Sam is also interested in social networks, voter behavior, and information diffusion. On campus, Sam is involved with Harvard College Opera and Harvard Open Data Project. In his free time, Sam enjoys following the NBA and MLB, theater, and reading.

Priya Thelapurath '24 | Sociology & Comp Sci
(Michele Lamont, SOCI & AAAS)

Priya is a rising sophomore in Lowell House from Arkansas. She is studying sociology and computer science in order to explore the intersection of quantitative CS methodology and sociological theory and analysis. This summer, Priya is excited to be working with Professor Lamont and her team to identify ways in which agents of change find and produce narratives of hope in response to uncertainty. On campus, she is involved with groups like the South Asian Association, SAWC, Policy Program, and PBHA. She also enjoys dancing with the Bhangra team!

Arthur Vieira '22 | Social Studies
(Alisha Holland, GOVT)

Arthur is a rising junior in Winthrop House concentrating in Social Studies. He is returning from a yearlong leave of absence working as a research assistant for a climate governance think-tank in Brazil. His current main academic interest is the interplay between land redistributive policies and sustainable development in South America. This summer, he is excited to work with Professor Alisha Holland researching the relationship between land politics and infrastructure projects in the Andean region. Outside academia, Arthur is a passionate gardener and could talk for hours about Brazilian politics. 

Luke Vrotsos '22 | Applied Math
(Pia Raffler & Horacio Larreguy, GOVT)

Luke is a rising senior in Mather House concentrating in Applied Mathematics. His academic interests lie in quantitative social science and statistics. This summer, he is looking forward to working with Horacio Larreguy and Pia Raffler on their research into the effects of debate participation on electoral success in Africa and Latin America. Outside of academics, Luke loves to bake and explore the outdoors.

Sophia Weng '24 | Social Std & Statistics
(David Yang, ECON)

Sophia Weng is a rising sophomore from Maryland living in Adams house next semester. She intends to concentrate in Social Studies with a secondary in Statistics. This summer, Sophia is excited to be working with Professor David Yang to research the economics of data privacy. The object of the project is to measure and understand privacy preferences around the world. Sophia is part of the Harvard Political Review, the Harvard Public Opinion Project, and the Women's Wrestling Club. In her own time, she loves trivia, puzzles, and period dramas.

Lauren Yang '23 | Applied Math & Sociology
(Caroline Light, SWGS)

Lauren is a rising junior in Dunster House concentrating in Applied Mathematics with a Sociology focus and secondary. Interested in the intersection of quantitative and qualitative analyses, she is excited to be working with Dr. Caroline Light on a project researching the limits of self-defense laws for domestic violence survivors. In her free time, Lauren enjoys sketching at art museums, coffee shop hopping, and volunteering for organizations that provide support and healing for sexual violence survivors and asylum seekers.