2020 Fellows

headshots of BLISS Fellows against orange and purple background with faint interconnecting lines

Hunter Baldwin '22 | Psychology
(Nicole Noll, WGS & PSYC)

headshot Hunter B.Hunter is a rising junior in Leverett House, although his most recent dormitory has been his home in Fort Worth, Texas. He is interested in anything and everything at the intersection between psychology and Women, Gender, Sexuality studies, his concentration and secondary field respectively. That’s why he is so excited to be working with Nicole Noll to research inferences of and understandings about gender and posture. You might also find him exercising these interests in his writing and editing for the Crimson Arts section, commitments to Contact Peer Counseling, and relationship research for the dating app, Hinge.

Miroslav Bergam '23 |
(David Kane, GOVT)

headshot Miro B.Miroslav is a rising sophomore in Pforzheimer House from New Jersey. He is concentrating in government on the data science track with a secondary in computer science. This summer, he is excited to delve into data analysis and academic writing to help Preceptor Kane develop the textbook and other pedagogical tools for Gov 50, a course that helped him decide his concentration on the data science track.

Evelyn Cai '22 | Government
(David Kane, GOVT)

headshot Evelyn C.Evelyn Cai is a rising junior in Lowell House. As a Government concentrator, she is excited to be working with Preceptor Kane on developing resources for his data science course and exploring real datasets as potential examples. She is interested in making a difference on public policy issues by analyzing and displaying data in a meaningful way. On campus, she is involved in the Asian-American Association and HPAIR. She also dances with Expressions and the Asian American Dance Troupe and can't wait until she can set foot in the Harvard Dance Center again.

Ben Chiu '23 |
(David Yang, ECON)

Ben C. headshotBen is a rising sophomore from Portland, Oregon, and he'll be living in Quincy when we return to campus. He intends on concentrating in Statistics with a possible secondary in Government and is excited to be working with Dr. David Yang this summer on understanding the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on African public opinion. On campus, he's involved with organizations like the Group for Undergraduates in Stats at Harvard, the Half Asian People's Association, and the Data Analytics Group.

Johnathan Cook '21 | Social Studies
(Michele Lamont, SOCI)

headshot Johnathan C.Johnathan is an undergraduate student at Harvard studying education, inequality and religion through an interdisciplinary approach in the social sciences. He is interested in the ways in which education systems can be both produced by and productive of broader socioeconomic inequalities, as well as the potential role of alternative (including religious) models of education in alleviating barriers to educational achievement and attainment. Johnathan is excited to be working this summer with Michele Lamont and her team on a project focusing on evolving conceptions of meritocracy and barriers that groups face to achieving the American Dream.

Corbin Duncan '22 | Government
(Pia Raffler & Horacio Larreguy, GOVT)

headshot Corbin D.Corbin is a rising junior in Lowell House concentrating in Government with a secondary in History. He is working with Pia Raffler and Horacio Larreguy on their research into candidate participation in electoral debates. Corbin is interested in politics and international relations, and enjoys reading widely and writing for the Harvard Political Review. He is excited to learn more about quantitative social science research.

Adelle Goldenberg '21 | Philosophy
(Nicole Noll, WGS /PSYC)

headshot Adelle G.Adelle is a rising senior in Dunster House. As a Philosophy concentrator, she is fascinated by subjects in feminist epistemology, existentialism, and phenomenology. She is excited to be working with Dr. Nicole Noll on research relating to the phenomena of embodiment and the construct of gender this summer. During the school year, Adelle is involved with Y2Y Harvard Square, Dunster HoCo and Students for Scholars at Risk.

Jillian Graver '22 | Psychology
(HKS Decision Science Lab)

headshot Jillian G.Jillian is a rising junior concentrating in psychology, and is a resident of Eliot House. She is originally from Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Her interests lie in the intersection between business and psychology and how behavioral interventions can improve everyday processes. Jillian works in the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory during the school year, and is looking forward to increasing her role over the summer. Beyond psychology, Jillian is active in the Institute of Politics (especially the Fellows and Study Groups program). She loves listening to music, watching movies, and spending time with her dog.

Christie Jackson '21 | Philosophy
(Caroline Light, WGS)

Christie C headshotChristie is a rising senior in Leverett House studying Philosophy with a secondary in Government. She is excited to work with Dr. Caroline Light researching the pitfalls of self-defense laws for domestic violence survivors. A proud native of Detroit, Christie is interested in the ways in which law and policy can foster racial justice and gender equity. In her free time, she loves to write poetry, practice yoga, and go for long walks by the river.

Jenna Lang '21 | Psychology
(Daniel Schacter, PSYC)

Jenna L. headshotJenna is a rising senior in Kirkland House studying psychology on the cognitive neuroscience track with a secondary in global health. She is interested in science communication, particularly at the intersection of public health and climate change. This summer she is excited to be working with Dr. Schacter on how emotion and memory impact belief in fake news. Outside of school, Jenna is a member of Harvard UNICEF Club and a Peer Advising Fellow.  She also enjoys theater, baking, and spending time with her dog! 

Julia London '21 | Psychology
(John Weisz, PSYC)

headshot Julia L.Julia is a rising senior in Quincy House studying psychology with a secondary in integrative biology. Her main academic interests revolve around clinical abnormal psychology. This summer she is excited to be working in the Laboratory for Youth Mental Health under Professor Weisz, where she will be studying how to improve and disseminate youth mental health treatments. Outside of school, Julia enjoys drawing, writing, going on adventures, and anything to do with the ocean!

Annika Mcdermott-Hinman '21 | Linguistics
(Susan Carey, PSYC)

Annika M. headshotAnnika is a rising senior in Kirkland House studying Linguistics with a secondary in Computer Science. This summer, she is looking forward to working with Masoud Jasbi in the Carey Lab, where she will be studying children’s acquisition of language, with an emphasis on negation. Outside of school, she enjoys playing the oboe, riding horses, and reading.

Seokmin Oh '21 | Applied Math
(Melissa Dell, ECON)

Seokmin O. headshotSeokmin Oh is a rising senior concentrating in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He is excited to work for Professor Melissa Dell this summer on the impact of media coverage on government trust and policymaking. In his free time, he loves to play basketball, ride his skateboard, or swim by the beach.

Oren Rimon Or '22 | Economics
(Melissa Dell, ECON)

Oren R. headshotI am a rising junior in Winthrop House, studying Economics. My main academic interests are economic development, international trade and economics of violent conflicts. I am very excited to be working with Professor Melissa Dell, studying how news coverage of the Cutter Incident impacted the trust in public institutions. Outside of academia, I love painting and can spend hours traveling around the city learning about different architectural styles.

Mia Sturzu '21 | Computer Science
(Peter Der Manuelian, ANTH/NELC)

headshot Mia S.Mia is a rising senior in Lowell house studying Computer Science with a secondary in History. She is interested in the digital humanities and how technology can help us understand our past. This summer she is excited to combine her passion for tech and history in working with Professor Peter Der Manuelian on developing specialized search algorithms for the Digital Giza website.

Marcus Trenfield '22 | Psychology
(Fiery Cushman, PSYC)

headshot Marcus T.Marcus Trenfield is a junior living in Kirkland House from Plainsboro, NJ. He is concentrating in Psychology, specifically focusing on social psychology. Marcus works as a research assistant in the Cushman Moral Psychology Lab, and this summer he will continue working with the lab to study rationalization. Aside from psychology, Marcus is involved in mental health advocacy on campus. He is a co-president of both the Havard Student Mental Health Liaisions and Under the Surface: The Harvard Undergraduate Mental Health Magazine. He is also a DJ for Harvard Radio. Marcus loves to play piano, listen to music, and play video games in his free time.

Kara Xie '22 | Psychology
(Leah Somerville, PSYC)

headshot Kara X.Kara is a rising junior in Quincy House studying Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology. This summer, she is excited to be working in the Affective Neuroscience and Development Lab under the guidance of Leah Somerville on the Human Connectome Project. This project aims to construct a map of neural connections within and across individuals and hopes to answer questions about human connectional anatomy and variation. On campus, Kara enjoys being involved in Harvard Yearbook Publications, the Peer Advising Fellows program, and serving as a director of Humans of Harvard College. In her free time, she enjoys going on runs, baking, and checking out new coffee shops.

Richard Zhu '22 | Applied Math
(David Yang, ECON)

Richard Z. headshotRichard is a rising junior in Leverett concentrating in Applied Math with a Economics & CS Focus and a Government secondary. This summer, he's excited to work with David Yang researching the role of Chinese engagement in African locals' political ideology and support for democracy. During quarantine, Richard has enjoyed reading news articles and books, coming of age Netflix shows and movies, and trying to learn the guitar; before quarantine, he spent his free time cheering for Minnesota's sports teams, watching more movies, and going on nature walks.